Saturday, September 15, 2012

Purple Storm Clouds

Ezra is now officially playing soccer and loving every minute of it. Coach Matt is doing such an awesome job coaching these adorable 5 year old kids. Ezra just adores that his dad is the coach and he makes sure that everyone knows that his daddy is his soccer coach. Matt makes all the parents at every single game get up and make a tunnel for all the kids to run through and they just love it. We now know that when the game ends and our team goes and high-fives the other team. Us parents know that we better get our butts up before coach Matt tells us too and form a tunnel for our kids. It is so great watching Ezra play soccer. He gets so into it and plays so well. I really think he is going to be very good at soccer and enjoy more and more as he gets older. Eli wishes he could be out there playing too. He has to put on all his soccer gear and sit with the team. He also got the parents to include him in on the half time snack and the goodies for after the game. We got to have Bree and Clint come and join for one of Ezra's games before they moved to Arizona:( Eli did not want to take one last picture with them but we made him anyways and it is now my favorite picture of all time. Ezra pulling a face, Eli crying hysterically, Bree laughing and Clint's happy smile on his face!!! PRICELESS

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